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Golden'obles are back!

This is a very nutrition cereal , great for snacking or weaning a baby,  can mix with water or serve dry.

by far better than the average pellets.

Ingredients are always listing by most volume first.

First ingredient is Quinoa!

This delicious gourmet formula is made by processing the following select ingredients: Quinoa, organic roasted Soy Beans, par boiled brown Rice and organic long grain brown Rice, raw Almonds, dehydrated and freeze dried vegetables composed of Carrots, sweet garden Peas, Parsley, Green Beans, Spinach, Red Garden Beets and Cabbage. Cranberries, shelled Walnuts, natural organic Agavi sweetener, organic Barley, organic Alfafa, freeze dried Banana powder, organic hulled proso Millet and white proso Millet, organic Flax seed, organic Spelt, organic Rye, Sesame seed, domestic grown Apples, dehydrated Honey, organic Chia seed, organic Kamut, organic Tricale, organic Amaranth, stabilized hulled Oats, Sunflower Kernels, organic Spinach, Fenugreek, freeze dried Raspberries, Hemp seed, organic Timothy, Ginger, Garlic, Star Anise seed, Cinnamon, Fennel seed, dehydrated whole Eggs, Bee Pollen, Wheatberries, organic Echinacea powder, Cilantro, organic Red Clover Leaf powder and organic Spinach, dried Lactobacillus acidophilus fermentation product, dried Lactobacillus casei fermentation product, dried Lactobacillus plantarum fermentation product, dried Lactobacillus fermentum fermentation product, dried Enterococcus faecium fermentation product and dried Bifidobacterium. Guaranteed analysis: crude protein (min.) 17.5%; crude fat (min.) 9%; crude fiber (max.) 6%; moisture (max.) 3.5%; ash (max.) 3% Refrigerate after opening to retain freshness.

About Goldenfeast

Goldenfeast owner Ed Schmitt and Basil

Goldenfeast was founded in 1991 by 35-year pet industry veteran and pet nutrition expert Edward J. Schmitt. A Villanova graduate, Ed’s dedication to providing pet foods that offer wholesome, natural nutrition remains as true today as when he started Goldenfeast. Our growth can be attributed to excellent service and unwavering philosophy of quality.

We will change our formulas only to improve, never to cheapen

Goldenfeast understands the importance of exotic pets and animal husbandry. We focus on the holistic approach to animal health by emphasizing healthy diets. Our unique formulations offer all natural ingredients that provide essential nutrition without the use of preservatives, synthetic vitamins or other additives.

Our growth and commitment is to continue our research for the newest nutritionally based products. A sampling of the over 200 ingredients used in the Goldenfeast formulas include spices and herbs, such as whole cinnamon, star anise seed, hibiscus flowers and spirulina known to activate the immune system, kill bacteria and ease inflammation. An enticing assortment of shelled and in-shell nuts and seeds, whole grains, dehydrated vegetables and egg, bee pollen and at least 15 types of fruits provide essential stimulation and a solid foundation for your avian companion’s total well-being.



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