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Big Bird Products Bird Shoulder Cape Big Bird Parrot

Big Bird  Products, Inc. proudly presents the "new" Bird Shoulder Cape.  The bird toys on our poop cape will keep your companion bird busy while riding on your shoulders;  whether you own an african gray or a cockatiel.  Parrots and hookbills of all sizes will appreciate being able to forage for their favorite bird treats in their own "treat pocket".  Their owners will also appreciate their shirt staying free and clean of bird poop and holes.

    Owners will now be able to take their companion pet bird with them outside on a 20" lanyard without fear of losing their feathered friend or putting them in harms' way.  All of our pet supplies have been tested by our own avian family and are bird safe.  Big Bird Products, Inc. always has the best interest of our feathered friends at heart.


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